Roulette vs. Blackjack – which is the better game?

Roulette and blackjack are probably the two most well known casino games in the world, and every day millions of player enjoy the two games. I’m sure you know how they work already, even if you don’t even play casino games. Blackjack is the classic card game that is played against a dealer, where the objective is to get a better hand than the dealer without reaching a value higher than 21, and roulette is the game where the dealer spins a ball in a spinning wheel that is numbered, and the goal is to guess in which slot the ball will finally come to rest. I’ve personally liked both games for a long time, and it was yesterday that I realized that I had a really hard time deciding which was the better game, so I decided to break it down in order to see if I could find a winner.


In terms of entertainment, both these games have great qualities. In blackjack, there is the suspense element – after you’ve decided to stay on your hand, you have to wait as the dealer keeps dealing himself cards in order to try to break your hand, and this really adds an element of excitement. I think, however, that roulette will be the winner here. It’s just such a classic game, and it has all the visual qualities to make it entertaining for hours. You also have so many betting alternatives that you can choose from which makes the game even more entertaining.


In roulette, there is some classic strategies that you can use, such as the martingale system, where a player keeps doubling his bet every time he loses, so that he always makes up for previous losses until he wins again. This is a very popular strategy, that many players use with success. However, this strategy isn’t really that good in the long run, as when you hit a losing streak, you bets will quickly become extremely big. In blackjack, there are more advanced strategies, and here you actually have an opportunity to take away most of the house edge in order to increase your chances of winning substantially.


Since both these games are classic casino games that weren’t initially developed for online casinos, neither one of them offers very much variations. There are a few however. Roulette can be played European style, with one green slot, as well as American, with two green slots. Blackjack has different variation that changes certain terms from the original game – some variations offers a double up option for example. Since there is so little variation I would have to make this a tie.

So, I guess it’s a tie after all! I just can’t decide which of these two games is the best. You should try them out yourself and see if you can manage to build an opinion for yourself!